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Over the past ten years Integrated Marine Group have carried out Refits and Refurbishments on a variety of vessels, large and small, sail and motor. A list of our successful projects is below - please click on any of the listings for a full overview of each project.

M.Y. Senses

59m Schweers

Refit Period: 2016/17

Various interior, exterior and engineering projects over 2 refit periods.

S.Y. Koo

42M  Vitters

Refit Period: September 2023 - June 2014

SY Koo contacted IMG late in 2012 to carry out an extensive refit program including major works such as a full repaint, generator rebuilds, electrical and hydraulic survey. The vessel arrived early in September where a large portion of the engineering work list was undertaken including the electrical and hydraulic surveys which identified the extensive work scope to achieve during the overall refit period. A large portion of the works was carried out along side at Silo Marina before the vessel headed off on charter until February. During that time, IMG finalised plans for the reminder of the refit which included fully encapsulating the vessel under a tent alongside in the water to carry out the repaint of hull and super structure. On completion of the repaint the vessel was hauled to carry out their under water works and renew antifoul. During the repaint the generators where rebuilt and the hydraulic and electrical remedial works continued concurrently. On launch the vessel was fully operational and the remainder of the deck gear and fittings where reinstalled. The vessel finally left NZ shore for Vanuatu in early July.


Repaint Hull and superstructure including fill and fairing new bimini. Manufacture and installation of new clear screens for new bimini. Manufacture and replace delaminating windscreen windows on pilot house. Redesign of anchor roller system. Servicing of Navtec hydraulics.


New carpets and cleaning of existing furnishings.


Electrical survey and consequent remedial works. Design and Installation of generator load shedding electronics. New LED lighting to galley, Engine room and new bimini areas. Hydraulic survey and consequent remedial works. Extensive refurbishing and replacement of numerous hoses and fittings on board. Upgrade to solid piping from worn flexible hoses. Replacement of PTO pumps. Complete strip and rebuild of deck crane and side boarding ladders. Hydraulic ram servicing. Winch and component servicing. Bow thruster servicing. Northern Lights Generators full rebuilds and full load recommissioning. Compete rewire of generators and refurbishing of alternator ends. MTU Main Engine Servicing. Extensive pipe work replacement and repair. Supply and installation of new air compressor system. Tank cleaning and recoating. Fuel tank repairs from pitting corrosion.

S.Y. Ethereal

56M Royal Huisman

Refit Period: November 2012 - June 2014

SY Ethereal arrived in New Zealand late 2012 and Integrated Marine Group had been recommended through their industry colleagues. They had heard and seen how Integrated Marine Group (IMG) had managed other projects in New Zealand (NZ) and were interested in engaging IMG's services and experience to manage their refit and Yacht support requirements while in NZ. As a result IMG were engaged as Ethereal's overall management team while in NZ to carry and manage all works undertaken on board while also providing financial management services whereby IMG managed all invoicing for the vessel and kept up to date financial reports of all expenditure. IMG tailored this service specifically for the need of the captain and their management team. Extensive works were carried out in 2012/2023 summer and again on the vessels return on 2023/1014 summer where the IMG and Ethereal carried on with the same management arrangement allowing them to plan ahead and have priority service on their return. IMG still supports Ethereal throughout the Pacific as they make their way into the northern hemisphere once again and will continue to support them around the world as required.


Removal and Full repaint of both masts and booms. Extensive exterior paint repairs and touch ups. Extensive remodelling of lazarette areas for installation of new nitrox diving system as well as remodelled storage area and custom made racking. Custom made on deck storage for associated oxygen bottles. An extensive deck sand was undertaken as well as associated teak deck repairs. Exterior varnish. Numerous custom brackets made for storage of deck gear and numerous small deck gear repairs/modifications.


Extensive varnish and polishing repairs. Some areas completely stripped and revarnished. Numerous table tops and removable pieces repolished. Crew and galley floor recoating. Numerous repairs/modifications to galley storage and general interior hardware improvements. Cleaning of interior furniture and carpets. Cabinetry modifications to owners AV area to house new AV equipment. Remodelling and design of cockpit helm station screen surrounds.


Electrical survey and reporting and consequent remedial works. Pipe work modifications/repairs. Rudder and shaft removal and survey. Antifoul. Generator servicing. Fire and safety system servicing.

M.Y. White Rabbit Echo

61M North West Bays Ships

Refit Period: April 2012- October 2012

Integrated Marine Group were extremely proud when been selected by White Rabbit Echo as the Refit Company of choice to undertake their exterior repaint and interiors works period. 


White Rabbit Echo left her home port of Singapore, where she spends the majority of her time, specifically to conduct this work and arrived in Auckland in early January 2012. She first completed two cruises in the North Island of New Zealand with owners and guests, both of which were ably managed by Integrated Marine Group’s very own Concierge team who ensured the guests truly enjoyed the spectacular sights and sounds New Zealand has to offer. Then, in late March, the refit got underway including the full repaint, interior refit, survey and underwater works. 


A bit of background on White Rabbit Echo

When White Rabbit Echo was launched in 2005 she was the World’s first Trimaran Superyacht. She was commissioned from North West Bay Ships Pty in Australia following the success of their recent build, Triumphant. Triumphant is a 55m Trimaran passenger ferry which boasted supreme speed with great stability, and these were characteristics the owner was keen to see in his next yacht. But the owner also wanted to see low speed handling in order to enjoy his passion of fishing. Much of the two and a half year build in Hobart was therefore taken up with perfecting the hull shape and ride control systems. The Trimaran Hull, coupled with the four stabilising foils, were the solution which enabled White Rabbit Echo to not only out perform a monohull using the same power, but have greater stability both underway and at anchor.


White Rabbit Echo is 61.4m long with a beam, at the widest point, measuring 15.4m, and a draft of 3m. She is constructed predominantly of Aluminium and has a cruising speed of 16 knots. With such a wide beam there come added bonuses. The large deck area means that guest cabins and staterooms can all be located on the upper decks, providing fantastic views. She is able to accommodate up to 18 guests, and there is room to run with 16 crew if the Captain so chooses. 


More information on this fantastic Superyacht can be seen on their very informative website:



Carrying out a full repaint of a yacht the size of White Rabbit Echo is no mean feat – indeed it is believed to be the largest paint project in terms of surface area undertaken in New Zealand to date at 3400m2. The refit therefore was to be carried out in two stages.


The first stage was carried out in the water at Silo Park Marina. The vessel was covered in a complete tent and for the first three months the topsides and superstructure were painted. This first stage is now complete and the IMG team are proud to be on schedule with top quality results.


Stage two was carried out in a nearby shipyard where she was hauled and completely tented. This second stage took around three months and included a hull repaint, under water works and a survey. 



The interior of White Rabbit Echo was originally designed by Sam Sorgiovanni Designs (who notably also carried out the exterior styling). There were a few challenges for the designer, posed by the considerations needed with a trimaran rather than monohull yacht.


Now seven years later the guest areas are getting a fresh new look. Throughout the entire length of the refit project the interior will undergo a thorough refit, remodelling and updating the guest areas with a significant amount of joinery, upholstery and furnishings in the Main Saloon and Dining. 


After the refit White Rabbit Echo returned to Singapore for the owner and his family to enjoy his newly refreshed and refurbished Motor Yacht.


M.Y. Elandess

60M Abeking & Rasmussen

Refit Period: October-November 2011 and March-April 2012


Hull filler and topside paint repairs, design and fit new cushions for upper decks.


 Re-varnish floors; resurface areas of marble in bathrooms, work list of yard warranty defects.


Survey and routine maintenance docking, engine and generator maintenance, design and build new equipment as requested. Plumbing systems, pumps, motors and HVAC maintenance, electrical switchboard and distribution system, IT & audio visual systems maintenance and improvements. General repairs and maintenance.

M.Y. Seawolf

58m Expedition Tug

Refit Period: December 2011 to April 2012, Delivered April 2012

Built in 1957 by J & K Smit; Holland.

The project work included: Haul out for class survey inspections; owners area interiors refurbishment; re-varnishing interiors, repaint of upper deck areas ( Awl Grip), engineering and systems work; Tenders, decking and on deck systems and plenty more. Integrated Marine Group was proud to have worked on such a superbly preserved piece of maritime history.


Repaint superstructure and aft section waterline to bulwarks, replace areas of teak decking, build and fit deck storage boxes. Modify lockers and equipment stowage racks.


Remodel the Media room, reconfigure pilot house and bridge deck to owner’s specification, strip and re- varnish all bridge. Galley and crew mess various modifications. Various woodwork and panelling modifications throughout the vessel.


Replace the fresh water distribution system section by section whilst vessel remained operational. Remodel watermaker system and other engine room systems. Overhaul and repair DC powered anchor windlass system. Main engine specialised servicing working in with specialists from our partner company in Europe, generator exhaust system modifications and generator servicing. Hydraulic systems overhaul, repair or replace many sections of engine room pipe work. Over haul tenders and improve electrical systems. Shipyard period for survey works list, tank cleaning, hull repairs and essential underwater engineering. Blast and paint corrosion areas on deck and around port holes.

In late 2023 our painters travelled to Spain to paint the hull and funnel for the client due to the very high standard of the paint finishes achieved in the New Zealand refit period. 

S.Y. Shamoun

33M  Klaasen

Refit Period: November 2011- January 2012 & January 2015 - Present


Remove and blast significant corrosion areas cockpit, under teak coamings and bow area, fair and prepare for paint. Full exterior paint job, hull, cockpit, upper deck, mast and boom. Relay teak decking and coamings when blast and paint completed.


 General interiors woodwork refurbishment and modification.


Bore out and replace new stern tubes, water makers, re-plumb many on-board systems. Engine and generator works. Pump overhauls and watermaker plant rebuild.

Shamoun is another repeat customer returning to NZ after a 3 year cruise throughout Asia. Current works include installing a new teak deck as well as changing out a genset and assisting in haul out arrangements among other varied refit work.

S.Y. Zenji

56m Perini Navi Ketch

Refit Period: March 2009 to September 2009. Delivered October 2009

This was a large scale project with works that included: Conducting the 5 year ABS Survey; a full repaint including rigs; interiors refurbished; new entertainment systems; extensive engineering and systems work; mast & rigging overhaul; decking and on deck systems and plenty more.

Largest refit project undertaken, in terms of hours worked verses project delivery deadline, with the brief

"To make it better than new"

"Completed on time and immediately sailed the across the Pacific to US non-stop without a hitch".


Full repaint of hull, superstructure, masts and booms. Blast and re-fair waterline downwards, Remove teak from cockpit floor to remove engine room soft patches, rebuild area as below fitting a new 105" AV screen behind teak louvers. Replace areas of decking, remove and service tender hatches. Full rebuild of mast, booms and rigging and fitting new fibre rigging on completion.


Re-varnish of all guest areas and wheelhouse. Saloon deck heads fit new ceiling mount system throughout, Fit new bridge systems, Fit new Audio Visual system throughout , Extensive interiors modifications in guest areas.


5 year ABS class survey. Rebuild main engines and generators to ABS class, re- engineer Kamewa system, Reconfigure the main engine exhaust system. Exhaust systems.

Remove rudder and re-weld rudder tube sections, tank repairs, cleaning and recoating.

M.Y. Karima

48m Amels

Refit Period: October 2007 to February 2009

Undertook refit works during two repair periods; the owners took a trip around Northland coasts during summer 2007 between works.

The works carried out included: fitting a new Quantum stabiliser system into existing fuel tanks; Caterpillar main propulsion generator overhauls; ABB electric propulsion and drive system works; interiors; helideck; hydraulic systems; plumbing & ventilating systems; alarm & monitoring systems; interiors crew cabins; crew mess; saloon and guest cabins; galley systems; bridge systems; new teak decking; new helicopter deck; tender works; tank cleaning; Lloyds survey and certification works ( 15 year survey ); a new custom built 10m tender.

The helicopter was reloaded January 2009 during seatrials and the vessel departed for French Polynesia February 2009 after a challenging but very successful works period.


Re-lay new helicopter decking material, repaint helicopter hanger and areas of superstructure, covert upper deck lockers and heads to storage spaces, design, build and fit new fire lockers on deck.


Remodel crew cabins and dismantle and rebuild crew mess to fit new stabiliser system. Fit new flooring system through crew, saloon, guest and internal access areas, modify galley design and fit new appliances. Modify and upgrade crew cabins and bathrooms.


Survey works, rebuild ABB electric motors and propulsion drive systems, major service on ABB propulsion drive system, extensive works with Autronica monitoring and alarm system, switchboard and drive system modifications. Top end over haul and generator end service on 3 main propulsion generators. Remove old stabilisers and fit new zero speed stabilisers into existing fuel tank space. Re – engineer the engine room ventilation system to achieve 17°C drop in operating ambient. Fix up plumbing problems and uncompleted works list items from previous docking period. Hydraulics systems overhaul. Overhaul and reconfigure the tender cranes systems to meet survey requirement standards. Tank cleaning and inspections to survey. Overhaul ships tenders.

S.Y. Juliet

42.5m Royal Huisman Ketch

Refit Period: October 2010 - April 2011 & September 2014 - February 2015

October 2010 to April 2011 was a large scale maintenance project with works that included: Interiors refurbishment and remodelling; new entertainment and electronic systems; extensive engineering and engineering systems work; mast & rigging work; saftey systems checks and plenty more craftmanship to help maintain this timeless Ron Holland designed vessel. 

Juliet returned to the Pacific in 2014 and was warmly welcomed back to New Zealand by IMG where she undertook another extensive list of refit works. IMG continues to support them on thier Journey northward.

M.Y. Yaakun

65m Cantilerri

Refit Period: June 2007 to September 2007

20 year Lloyds survey inspection and repairs; galley systems refit; design and install of new walk in fridge freezer; full hull paint with new colour on the Titan Marine Slipway in 8 weeks; interiors furnishing and decor refresh in master guest and saloon spaces; MTU main engine 20 year survey; rebuild MTU generators; steering systems; stabilizers; new fresh water systems; purifier overhauls; tank cleaning and reconfiguration to suit new installed Hamann system; air conditioning systems maintenance; two custom made wine cellars in saloon; new bar unit fitted to saloon; overhaul & repaint deck cranes; teak decking works; new deck lockers; crew cabin refurbishment; upper deck paint repairs.


Re-fair and paint topsides new colour, repaint selected areas of superstructures, repaint all cranes. Lay new teak on all guest areas, build teak storage boxes. Design and build new crew access from foredeck to bridge deck.


Fit new bar, wine cellars and rebuild all lounge units in saloon, remodel all owner and guest cabins, paint metallic finish on all cabin painted surfaces, build classroom for guests children, overhaul all crew cabins (12) and replace all furnishings to designer specifications. Bridge deck cabinet modifications and chart storages


20 year Lloyds special survey, MTU W6 overhaul, generator full rebuild, switchboard rebuild, build and fit new walk in fridge /freezer units with full refrigeration and control system, fit Hamman unit into new cofferdam space, full rebuild of galley with new equipment and work areas and fitted though hull side. Modify and service ship ventilation and HVAC systems. Design and build refrigeration system for two wine cellars to class certification. Rebuild and paint windlasses and all deck cranes. Modify large sections of fuel, ballast and bilge systems. Overhaul pumps, valves and overboard discharges for 20 year survey. Tail shaft and steering system survey. Remove and replace section of hull to allow removal and fitting of new galley and freezer equipment. Modify alarm and monitoring systems. Fit new bridge electronics. Overhaul tenders.

M.Y. Tigre Dor

55m Amels

Refit Period: February 2009 to April 2009

Our works included: 10 Year Lloyds engineering survey; Routine maintenance Slipway period in Whangarei; Teak deck recaulking and yacht interiors work; hull paint touch ups; engineering and electrical systems works.

M.Y. Black Pearl

70ft Brtram

Refit Period: January 2010 to March 2010

This short project was focused mainly on aesthetics. The Saloon and Master Cabin were stripped of the 1970s look and rebuilt to a more modern taste whilst the remaining cabins and galley had some touch ups. Other works included: complete repower to 230v; paint transom and hull lines; replace toilet systems; service of both main engines and generators.

In January 2010, Integrated Marine Group was commissioned to refit the forty year old Black Pearl, a Bertram 70' brought to New Zealand from the States. This vessel had been scarcely used over the previous ten years and her look was a little dated. The owner was due to arrive in New Zealand in under eight weeks at which point he intended to use his boat for entertaining friends and dignitaries during the Louis Vuitton racing. Initial thoughts were to delay any works until after this time but on closer inspection, and some lengthy concept brainstorming, the Integrated Marine Group team put forward some ideas for a radical and fast transformation from the tired 70's interior to a fresh, chic and more modern feel tailored to the owner's taste.

A fresh interior

Integrated Marine Group had recently employed with success the Kiwi invented "Fastmount" fixing system which enables easily removable modular panels. By employing this system on the Black Pearl the team could simply build over the top of the current cabinetry to create a completely new and fresh appearance accommodating the interior designer's concept ideas whilst retaining access to the original spaces. Not only would this make the job dramatically cheaper, it would minimise the labour content to allow the job to be completed within the 6 week timeframe (see more on the Fastmount system by following this link to their website).

The first task was to dismantle and strip out the main saloon and master cabin before templating for the new panels. These panels were covered or varnished in a workshop offsite which minimised the need for heavy masking and protecting of surfaces inside the already cramped interior of the vessel. Just three days prior to the delivery date the newly veneered oak panels, fabric covered wall panels and headline panels were brought down to the vessel and installed in just one day. The saloon was also fitted with a new entertainment system as well as changing over the existing satellite seatel unit to receive local free view and Sky T.V. There were also some minor modifications to the layout, new lighting arrangements, and fresh new furnishings which totally transformed the interior.

The master bathroom was completely striped out and rebuilt using an L.G. Hi-Macs acrylic material on ply backing. With the knowledge that the vessel was going to be catering for a large volume of guests the old sea water manual pump style toilets were removed and upgraded to fully automatic units which meant more comfort for the guests and less concern for the crew when faced with many flushes in one day! With a new toilet, tapware and flooring added, a fresh clean modern look in the master bathroom complemented the main cabin area.

The galley, although not physically modified, was upgraded with all new 230v appliances and power outlets and the forward cabins were given a fresh coat of paint and new furnishings.


In conjunction with the interior fit out there where a number of equally challenging projects being undertaken simultaneously. Having spent all of her life in the States Black Pearl had a 110V 60hz power system. As the yacht was now imported into New Zealand with no intention to return to the U.S. it was impractical to leave the yacht this way and so it was decided to repower to a conventional 230v 50hz system. Clearly this is not a simple operation; it would affect a number of areas throughout the yacht and the associated ancillary equipment. The main electrical board had to be completely rebuilt to local standards as well as checking and testing all existing wiring to ensure it was safe for use. The generators were stepped down to 50hz and reconfigured to run 230v. All integral ancillary equipment was changed out to run off the new configuration, tested and commissioned.

With a lack of any maintenance history on board it was up to the IMG team to set their multidisciplinary team to work and review all the essential systems on board to ensure they were functional and reliable enough to safely carry passengers onboard. The Main Engines and Generators were fully serviced and sea trialled to ensure reliability for the future running of the vessel. All bilge and safety equipment on board was also tested and repaired if required.

The exterior

With so much work underway the exterior works were kept to a minimum. Some modifications were however necessary, and these included installing a BBQ on the aft deck for entertaining, a new bimini top on the fly bridge, new helm seats, and repair of existing squab cushions on the foredeck. The exterior was also given a fresh look through painting the boot stripe and trim and re-sign writing the name and re-painting the transom. There were also new fenders and lines, and a team of day workers to help polish and clean the exterior to give it the birthday it required.

The results

This short but intensive project was co-ordinated by Integrated Marine Group in time for the yacht to be cleaned, dressed, and ready to hand over to the owner by his specified date. Black Pearl was used extensively during the Louis Vuitton and the Owner also used her for cruising after the racing was finished.

S.Y. Runaway Bunny

74ft Sloop - JFA Shipyards

Refit Period: September 2009 to March 2010

A small project for Integrated Marine Group which kept the boat building team occupied for a few months. Integrated Marine Group looked after the new teak decking and the installation and design of a new switchboard, whilst the boat was repainted, had its rig overhauled and painted, along with interior works as necessary. 

M.Y. Te Anuatu

32ft  Blackfin

Refit Period: 2004

The partnership of Integrated Marine Group was formed during the America's Cup campaign in 2003. Three companies – Electrics Afloat, General Marine Services and Whiting Power Systems – came together with a vision; to thoroughly manage and support visiting superyachts requiring refits. Together this unique group knew they were up to the challenge but wanted to prove it. If they could completely refit a small vessel, they could refit anything. And so the first project commenced.


Te Anuatu was a 32ft Blackfin sports fishing boat. She was used extensively by her owner in Tahiti, for whom she was irreplaceable. So when a fitting in the heads gave way and she sank to the bottom of her berth the owner was distraught. After failing to find a worthy replacement he loaded her onto a ship and into the hands of Integrated Marine Group. The team had taken on the project merely on photographic evidence and information from the owner, so it came as quite a shock when she arrived in Auckland. "A black oily film covered the boat's exterior up to the flybridge, showing the depth of water in which she'd sunk" says Mark Wightman, Director of Integrated Marine Group. "The interior, the cockpit – everything – was ruined by the contaminated water".


Integrated Marine Group had a large task on their hands, one which would take 14 months to complete. They began by completely gutting the boat down to her fibreglass hull. The only original features that would remain were the hull, rudders and the stainless fixtures such as rod holders and cleats. As ever, the more they got into the project, the more problems they discovered ... which, as IMG were to discover over the years, is pretty typical when it comes to working on boats! Not only was there water damage but all the timber was full of termites. Therefore all the cabinetry in the cabin, the bulkheads, stringers and engine bearers would also have to be replaced.


The team ensured that at every stage they worked closely with the owner to carry out his wishes to the last detail, and he in turn made numerous trips to New Zealand to view the progress first hand. With the extreme damage to the boat it had been decided to take advantage of the situation and remodel. A light, airy, uncluttered and open plan interior was created. This was not as straightforward as it would seem for without a structure the hull is soft. Engineers took measurements and constantly checked them to ensure the hull did not move at all. The bulkheads were remade half from clear plastic so the interior flows straight through to the cockpit. The original v-engines were replaced by 2 inline six cylinder Caterpillar C7 455hp engines. These were significantly larger but the engine boxes in the cockpit, camouflaged by upholstery to form comfortable seating, did the trick! The fuel capacity was also increased.


The newly remodelled Te Anuatu was placed proudly on display at the Auckland Boat Show. It was the first time the owner would see the completed transformation, and he was delighted in all respects. Not only did she now have a greater range of travel and a top speed of 35 knots, she looked exactly as she dreamed he would!


The journey for Integrated Marine Group had begun. They had faced the challenge and won! Now it was time for more much larger projects .....