Company History

Integrated Marine Group was formed in 2003 specifically to offer a highly improved service on that being delivered to the Superyacht Refit and Repair industry. The founding group consisted of a team of three well known engineering companies with many years of experience in the large luxury yacht field.


Each recognised the need for a well planned and organized collective to meet the needs of larger and increasingly complex yachts visiting our region. This collective combined a group of approximately 70 highly skilled engineers who still remain the backbone and point of difference for our group. The engineering team quickly extended into a complete refit team to allow us to cater for every facet of a refit program. This team has consistently worked together on each successive project and has developed into a well coordinated workforce that now presents one of the best refit teams to be found anywhere.

Refit SY Zenji
Refit rig
Deck works


In 2006 we developed a Yacht Support service to take care of yachts’ operational needs in New Zealand and the Pacific. The additional support and expertise that we could provide from our refit, service and repair division made for a really effective Yacht Support Service particularly suited to the expansive South Pacific territory.

Here at Integrated Marine Group we have always placed our primary focus on the importance of people that make up our team at every level of the organisation rather than infrastructure; for us to deliver what we promise this is the only way it can ever be achieved. The resultant team we have today is a team anyone would be justifiably proud to call their own.