New Zealand has world renowned wines, gourmet foods, fabulous meat and fish, an abundance of fresh produce along with a wide range of imported ingredients that will delight any chef. Our provisioning team takes great pride in introducing visiting chefs to the delights on offer here in the Land of the Long White Cloud.


Our Provisioning Service is fast, efficient and delivers direct to your yacht, whether you are in New Zealand or the surrounding Pacific Isles. Products are sourced only from the very best suppliers, including high quality butchers, niche European suppliers, fabulous chocolatiers, asian speciality suppliers and many more. Once again we regularly vet our suppliers to ensure they really are providing the best quality product. 

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Provisioning to Yachts in New Zealand

A member of our team will visit your boat to chat to the chef. They will take them on a no obligation tour to see firsthand the provisioning specialists we recommend if they like, and leave copy of our detailed provisioning guide. From this guide chefs can order exactly what they require, delivered in the timeframe they need it. We are sticklers for detail when it comes to provisioning and ensure everything is packaged and supplied in the best way for storage and use on board your yacht.

Integrated Marine Group is the only agent in Auckland with a discount scheme set up at New World, the closest supermarket to the marinas. This is the supermarket of choice for visiting Yacht Crews, not only for its location but also the quality and freshness of their products. Ask for an account card and enjoy the benefits of our discounts.


Offshore Provisioning

Our Provisioning service has been so well liked by previous yachts crews they have continued to use us throughout the Pacific - S.Y. Vertigo and M.Y. Lady Christine are just two such examples. But we offer provisioning to new clients as well as old! There are stringent border regulations on food and produce to prevent the spread of diseases and pests through the South Pacific and we will both advise on items not permitted as ensure any provisioning dispatched to the Pacific Islands has the correct export documentation. We use a trusted logistics firm to ensure all provisioning arrives in the best possible condition. 

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New Zealand Lamb is renowned over the world. But it is not just the lamb that we do well. Beef, including grass fed, grain fed, organic and even Wagyu are available, along with excellent Pork and Chicken even in Organic, and especially game.


Fish & Seafood

A trip to New Zealand is not complete without sampling the nation’s fresh fish and seafood. IMG has access to a company with their own fishing boats guaranteeing a fresh catch for you. We can also source caviar, seafood, abalone, and New Zealand Green Lipped mussels. Give details of the size, fillet and cut required and our supplier takes the time to vacuum pack the fish to your exacting requirements. 


Fresh Produce

Produce is sourced from specialist buyers who are looking for the quality and freshness to suit your exact requirements. It can be provided daily, direct to your boat, and often to remote locations around the country. With a great selection of fruits, vegetables along with dairy products Integrated Marine Support can source excellent quality local and international products.

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With accounts at the top providers, we can advise and provide a fantastic selection of wines, beers and spirits. We work with local suppliers to arrange wine tastings, introducing the local wines, so that your crew can serve your guests confidently when on charter. Aside from alcohol we can provide fabulous high end teas such as Harney & Sons, excellent coffees beans or Nespresso refills, along with a great contact sourcing any type of bottled water your owner might favour. 



Over the years we have spent many hours fine tuning our Provisioning service and there is so much more we can provide! We only use reliable companies who understand the need to follow instructions and deliver on time. Whether you need truffle oils, parbaked breads and pastries or fresh pasta, we have the contacts you will love. We also have relationships with large stores where you can bulk buy and chains used by all the top end restaurants in New Zealand. 


For any enquiries regarding provisioning, or information on regulations for yachts transiting between the various Pacific destinations, please contact Alison Walker: [email protected]