S.Y. Shamoun

33M  Klaasen

Refit Period: November 2011- January 2012 & January 2015 - Present


Remove and blast significant corrosion areas cockpit, under teak coamings and bow area, fair and prepare for paint. Full exterior paint job, hull, cockpit, upper deck, mast and boom. Relay teak decking and coamings when blast and paint completed.


 General interiors woodwork refurbishment and modification.


Bore out and replace new stern tubes, water makers, re-plumb many on-board systems. Engine and generator works. Pump overhauls and watermaker plant rebuild.

Shamoun is another repeat customer returning to NZ after a 3 year cruise throughout Asia. Current works include installing a new teak deck as well as changing out a genset and assisting in haul out arrangements among other varied refit work.