Crew Registration

How to register

As a crew member seeking a job registration with us is free and painless! If you have read the previous pages and believe you are a suitable candidate please complete the following steps:


1)    Check that your CV includes all the information on the CV advice page. If necessary redesign it using the template so that it is clear and concise. Please try not to use fancy fonts or text boxes. CVs missing any information, such as current location and whether you have tattoos etc, will not be accepted


2)    Compose a covering email which explains what position you are seeking. If you are responding to a posting on the website please include the reference for the job to which you are applying


3)    Attach your CV as a word document to the covering email and send it to:

[email protected]


Please note that we pride ourselves on interviewing candidates wherever possible. With our location in Auckland, New Zealand, priority will be given to candidates in Australia or New Zealand who can attend an interview.


If you have any questions about this process, or about crew placement in general, please contact the team at Integrated Marine Group [email protected] or call +64 9 9720 0501