S.Y. Koo

42M  Vitters

Refit Period: September 2023 - June 2014

SY Koo contacted IMG late in 2012 to carry out an extensive refit program including major works such as a full repaint, generator rebuilds, electrical and hydraulic survey. The vessel arrived early in September where a large portion of the engineering work list was undertaken including the electrical and hydraulic surveys which identified the extensive work scope to achieve during the overall refit period. A large portion of the works was carried out along side at Silo Marina before the vessel headed off on charter until February. During that time, IMG finalised plans for the reminder of the refit which included fully encapsulating the vessel under a tent alongside in the water to carry out the repaint of hull and super structure. On completion of the repaint the vessel was hauled to carry out their under water works and renew antifoul. During the repaint the generators where rebuilt and the hydraulic and electrical remedial works continued concurrently. On launch the vessel was fully operational and the remainder of the deck gear and fittings where reinstalled. The vessel finally left NZ shore for Vanuatu in early July.


Repaint Hull and superstructure including fill and fairing new bimini. Manufacture and installation of new clear screens for new bimini. Manufacture and replace delaminating windscreen windows on pilot house. Redesign of anchor roller system. Servicing of Navtec hydraulics.


New carpets and cleaning of existing furnishings.


Electrical survey and consequent remedial works. Design and Installation of generator load shedding electronics. New LED lighting to galley, Engine room and new bimini areas. Hydraulic survey and consequent remedial works. Extensive refurbishing and replacement of numerous hoses and fittings on board. Upgrade to solid piping from worn flexible hoses. Replacement of PTO pumps. Complete strip and rebuild of deck crane and side boarding ladders. Hydraulic ram servicing. Winch and component servicing. Bow thruster servicing. Northern Lights Generators full rebuilds and full load recommissioning. Compete rewire of generators and refurbishing of alternator ends. MTU Main Engine Servicing. Extensive pipe work replacement and repair. Supply and installation of new air compressor system. Tank cleaning and recoating. Fuel tank repairs from pitting corrosion.