IMG in Fiji for NZ Marine Open Day

Mark, Dave and Munesh are all in Fiji this week for the NZ Marine / Fiji Open Day to meet with cruising vessels and superyachts.


With superyachts and cruising vessels requiring periodic refit, maintenance or warranty work, yachts are able to cruise Fiji then move to New Zealand to sit out the Pacific cyclone season. This is the perfect opportunity to undergo refit work, following which they are able to cruise or charter within NZ waters and go onto Australia before returning to Fiji, Tahiti and other Pacific island countries.

New Zealand has recently introduced a 24-month TIE - temporary import entry - for visiting vessels. This means yachts are able to stay in the country for up to two years, undertaking a mix of charter work, owner cruising and maintenance - most of which qualifies for exemption from the local 15% Goods and Services tax.


The team look forward to informing crew as to their options, seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones too.