NZ Marine joins forces with government agencies to secure cruising yacht dividends

A new partnership between Tourism New Zealand, Auckland Tourism, Events and  Economic Development (ATEED), New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and NZ Marine will formalise an active campaign mounted to attract superyachts to New Zealand. 

New Zealand Marine formally announced a new ‘Destination New Zealand Superyacht Attraction Initiative’, which will see the industry association partner with government bodies to jointly promote New Zealand as a destination for superyachts. The working group is made up of representatives from Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development (ATEED), Tourism New Zealand, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise and NZ Marine. 

Creating awareness around the logistics and benefits of coming to New Zealand will be the core goal for the group, supported by presence at key international boat shows and regular interactions with industry media and influencers.

Developing the country further as a destination for cruising and superyachts is well-founded: in 2023, superyachts brought 5 million dollars of marine industry spend and million dollars of tourism spend to the country. The goal now is to increase marine industry spend to 2 million and tourism spend to 0 million by 2018.

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